HomeRURAL DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING (PART-1 AND PART-2) (English) (E-copy) For GS- Paper 1 (Section II and III)
RURAL DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING (PART-1 AND PART-2) (English) (E-copy) For GS- Paper 1 (Section II and III)
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING (PART-1 AND PART-2) (English) (E-copy) For GS- Paper 1 (Section II and III)
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING (PART-1 AND PART-2) (English) (E-copy) For GS- Paper 1 (Section II and III)

RURAL DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING (PART-1 AND PART-2) (English) (E-copy) For GS- Paper 1 (Section II and III)

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Rural development & Planning is mentioned in section 2 and section 3 of paper 2. This book has covered all topics in the syllabus but in an orderly flow. The topics syllabus is arranged in a flow so that it will be easier for the student to understand the concept of rural development & Planning in a better sense. This book is the work of KPSC 2015 topper, Archana Ramanaik, Who is currently working as the District Treasury officer, Karnataka Government. This book is part of NammaKPSC 2020 Mains initiative. Total Number of Pages: 450+ This Book cover the following topics from the KPSC syllabus Section 2 of paper 2 6. Socio Economic System • The Jajmani system and its bearing on traditional society • Market economy and its social consequences • Occupation diversification and social structure • Profession and professionalization • Roll of trade unions • Social determinants and consequence of economic development • Economic inequalities • Exploitation and corruption • Globalisation and its social impact 7. Rural social system and rural development • Socio-cultural dimensions of village community • Traditional power structure • Democratisation and leadership • Poverty • Indebtedness • Bonded labour • Social consequences of land reforms • Rural development projects • Green revolution • New strategies of rural development • The changing rural scene Section 3 of paper 2 3. Rural development planning • Development patterns and disparities among regions and between rural and rural areas. • Public policies to mitigate disparities • Prospects and problems of SCZ’s • Development disparities in Karnataka and public policies • Redressal of development disparities • Regional development boards 4. Planning • Planning goals • Objectives and approaches • Achievements and failures of five year plans (1 to 7 FYP’s) • Development plans under new economic policies regime (8th FYP onwards) • Planning in Karnataka 5. Decentralisation • Pros and cons of top down planning and bottom up planning • Planning mechanism and experience in panchayathi raj institutions • Planning and capacity building • Planning and financing • Decentralised planning in Karnataka • Resource mobilisation and Devolution • District planning committee • State finances and local finances • State finance commission 6. Rural development • Importance of agriculture in national economy • Gandhian approach to rural development and land reforms • Size of farms and productivity • Problems of irrigation and dry land farming • Food security • Rural credit • Agricultural marketing • Agricultural labour • Rural industries and employment • Agricultural problems in Karnataka • Rural economic infrastructure • Rural social infrastructure (Development of economic and social infrastructure in Karnataka • Rural markets in Karnataka • Rural housing and healthcare schemes in Karnataka 7. Rural development initiatives • Poverty alleviation cum employment generation programs • Five year plans and inclusive growth • Rural financial institutions • Development and conservation of common property resources in rural areas – village grasslands and woods, waterbodies • Provision of urban amenities in rural areas (PURA) • Rural development schemes in Karnataka, self help groups and microfinance institutions in Karnataka • External assistance for rural tank rejuvenation, drinking water, sanitation and healthcare in Karnataka This book will also be useful for you Essay paper, Polity and constitution (GS-2 Section II), Public Administration (GS-2 Section III) and Ethics paper . . . For Mains Classes, Materials and test series visit www.nammaKPSC.com or contact 9886151564/9886777417

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