• NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)
  • NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)
  • NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)
  • NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)
  • NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)

NammaKPSC Karnataka Year Book 2021 (e-copy) (English)

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This book mainly covers the following- 1. Karnataka Budget 2021-22 2. Recent Schemes/Policy/ Programmes and legislatures of Government of Karnataka 3. Karnataka Economic survey 2020-21 summary 4. Karnataka current affairs 2020-21 (Upto June 2021) capsule 5. General Awareness of Karnataka

After an overwhelming response to NammaKPSC Karnataka year Book 2020, I am elated to present to you the second edition of Karnataka Year Book. This book gives you an insight into The Land of Many worlds- Karnataka. We have tried to bring out its rich history, as well as its present glory in a lucid manner for the reader will be taken into a journey filled with knowledge and awe. Karnataka Year book is extremely helpful for all those who want to have a better knowledge about Karnataka and specifically for those who are preparing for competitive examinations conducted by the Government of Karnataka. NammaKPSC team has covered the Karnataka Budget, Schemes and programmes, important legislatures enacted by the state, economic survey of Karnataka, current events, general awareness about Karnataka and much more. At NammKPSC we try to maintain highest standards of quality and relevance, and this book stands testimony to that spirit. I am very confident that you will find this book very informative and useful. I wish you all the best Dr Arjun Bopanna Please note For your own benefit use this material for personal use only. Do not circulate it or use it for commercial purposes. The price of this book has been kept nominal so that everyone can afford it. Our experts spend a good amount of time and talent to make this book the best in quality. The price is in appreciation of their hard work So it’s an earnest request to you not to circulate it in other groups. If you find it useful spread the word and motivate us to come up with many such initiatives into making KPSC easier and merit oriented

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